‘My father was on 50/60mg of oxycodone and liquid morphine due to the meso pain throughout, which he always appeared doped up on. This dropped to 10mg after radiotherapy treatment. If only my father would have been offered this 6 months prior his quality of life would have highly improved I do believe’

'Richard really suffered with breathlessness and pain and this was, as you know for mesothelioma patients, so very difficult to control. However, he did have radiotherapy when we knew there was little else that could help and the difference in pain for him was absolutely remarkable. Not only was he able to walk our daughter down the aisle 5 days before he died but when it came to his time to slip away that is exactly how it happened. No struggle, 'no pain' were some of his last words to me. I am so very thankful for this. I believe his radiotherapy treatment contributed to enabling us make these lovely memories.'

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