Taking part in this study will mean that there will be some extra hospital visits and some routine blood tests which you may not have had if you were not participating in the trial. Patients taking part in the original SYSTEMS study did not suffer from worrying side effects, but we know that radiotherapy to the chest can potentially be associated with side effects such as:

• tiredness

• nausea and vomiting

• skin soreness and redness (in the treated areas)

• pain on swallowing

• increased breathlessness and cough

• hair loss (to the treated area)

These side effects tend to be temporary and should settle down a few weeks after the radiotherapy has finished. They may occur whether you receive the higher dose of radiotherapy or the standard dose, but if you receive the higher dose you may be more likely to experience them. Your condition will be monitored closely throughout the course of your treatment for any side effects and you will have regular contact with the radiographer, trial doctor and research nurse.

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